Moving Dorico libraries to an external SSD

Hey everyone,

I tried to move libraries which came with Dorico 4 to an external SSD (one partion APFS the other ExFAT) via the Steinberg Library Manager.
I’ve set the default library location to a path on the APFS partion of the SSD but everytime I try to move them with the “Move” Button it says it has failed.
I’m on macOS 12.6.

Anyone got a clue?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

Can you show the exact error message?

It just says “Move ‘/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound/FCP_SMT_089_HSSE_Basic_Synth_Presets_01.vstsound’ to
‘Volumes/MYSSD/Steinberg’ failed!”…
This was just done with a small library but when I choose all the other ones the same thing will happen just with different names and paths…
Do I need to provide a specific folder name or sth like that?

Does the Steinberg folder already exist?

I have moved my files to another disk, and they are in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/

I don’t know whether that’s a compulsory filepath, or just me being tidy.

On my SSD, yes.

When I look up the details in the manager the libraries are located in an additional HALion folder, which are not there when I open the path in my finder. Also when switching with cmd+shift+. to see hidden files I can’t see anything related to the acutal libraries but an empty folder called User Content…

I guess there is sth wrong here?

I see that this was the library in
/Users/MYNAME/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound
but I now found
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound
and here are all the files…
Pretty confusing because it should actually be the same path?!

Does that actually help?

The default is to have the files in the top level /Library, not the User Library.

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/Users/yourname/Library/ (aka ~/Library/) is where things are installed for only you,
and [root] /Library/ is for all users.
No practical difference if there is only one user account on your Mac.

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If the Library Manager can not move the files, then most likely it is because of insufficient access rights to the original files. If you right click on one of the files and choose Get Info, what does it show for group and ownership?

My userprofile is able to read and write as well as “staff”. Only “everyone” is permitted to read only…

Are you firm with the Terminal app? Can you move a file “manually” via command line? Because that is exactly what Library Manager does; it moves files to a new location and then creates symbolic links to the files in the original location. Maybe Library Manager can not create the symbolic links and fails for that reason.

(Mac) I had problems recently with this, and had to set “Everyone” to read/write, then (not sure if this is necessary) ran Disk Utility, First Aid and it seems to have fixed my problem (which was, as Dorico started up there were missing sound files listing).
I did this to the containing Steinberg library folder with all the sounds in it.

Sooo the solution was easier than thought:

Just had to add “Steinberg Libary” to the list of applications which had full disk access via the “privacy” settings of “security and privacy” on macOS.


Just adding for others who may come across this with a similar problem.

For me, giving Steinberg Libary Manager full disk access was not enough; library moves continued to fail. But I noticed that Steinberg Download Assitant, though in the full disk access list, had its permission toggle set to off. Turning it on enabled library moves. It must be used behind the scenes to do the moves. What’s strange is that I’d just used it to install Dorico 4; evidently full disk privileges were not needed for that.