Moving "End Repeat"

I can’t find out how to move “End repeat” at the end of a flow to the right place.

The flow does not have bar lines or time signatures except for repeats, but the last repeat added manually seems impossible to move. See attachment.

I guess that I have deleted the original double end line at some point and I guess that bringing it back will solve the problem because in the next flow I have the final line at the end. But how do I get it back?

Can you attach the project here (zip it up first) so I can take a look?

I found out how to:

Using the new Note Spacing feature, I selected the last “square” above the staff line and used the alt+arrow left.

Are you still interested in examine the project Daniel?

just out of curiosity: for which instrument are you writing your example?
hardanger fiddle?

Yes, I would like to see the project, to see why that gap is there.

Is there an e-mail I can use. I don’t want to make it public.

Yes, my email is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Thanks, I was able to diagnose the problem. Because you had set the first flow to end with ‘No barline’, you had to create the end repeat barline at the wrong rhythmic position. For future reference, I would suggest that you set this flow to use any other barline, i.e. one that you can see and select, in Notation Options, because then you can simply select that barline and replace it with the desired end repeat barline.

Thank you, Daniel. In the next flow, I didn’t remove the ending barline, and it was very easy to make it work.