Moving entire sections of a track, including all the automation

Hey all I’m still fairly new. I recently learned that if I move say a midi clip which is automated and I don’t want the automation data to be moved with it I have to hit the little padlock, on the automation lane to keep it in place.

But here is a scenario. Let’s say I have my whole track laid out from start to finish. After listening for a while there’s a 16 bar section in my intro, that I feel is now not needed. So first , how do I delete this whole 16 bar section including all the automation on the individual tracks , as well as the automation on say my group tracks or master out. Is there a way to do this quickly , or would I have to go in manually to sort it all out and delete it all?

Ok so I’ve now managed to delete the 16 bar section and all the automation etc. But I now have to obviously move the rest of my track back 16 bars so there isn’t just a 16 bar gap of silence . How do I love whole sections of my track backwards and forwards? Including all the automation data and the group automation? Do I just select all and make sure none of the padlocks are on and then move it ? Does this also include the group automation data , or do I once again have to go in and sort it manually?

All help appreciated

Range Selection will accomplish this, and specifically Edit > Range > Delete Time for the end result you’re wanting . Check out Range Editing in the manual for all the details on what it can do.

Ok and what about moving whole sections of a track backwards or forwards? Is it same deal?

Activate/deactivate “automation follows events” in your upper toolbar.

I think what you’re looking for is Edit > Range > Cut Time.
This will cut everything in the selected range and move parts left to fill the gap in one swoop.

Cool thanks all for the help .

I didn’t even know about automation follows events lol thought I just have to hit the padlock on the individual automations but this is much easier