moving events and keeping sample position

i made the jump from C4 to C6 and was wondering about a simple feature. in C4 i used to be able to hold down ctrl and move an event (WAV) to another lane or track while keeping the event at its original time/sample position. in C6 when i hold ctrl it gives me the speaker icon and auditions the event. is there a way to switch this? its a simple but very important feature for me.


Preferences>Editing>Tool Modifiers>Drag & Drop>Constrain Direction>[type in desired key modifier (combination)].
(although I don’t know why it is giving you the Play tool by default :confused: )

Also, though not completely germane to this topic, up and down nudge key commands now work in the Project Window- this was missing in earlier versions (but present in Cubase VST)

:bulb: Thanks Steve, I had never noticed that (even though, I’ve just checked, it was already there in Cubase 5 (or at least, in Cubase 5.5)! Great feature.

Hi Vic,

Yes, there it is, in C5.5. I thought it was not present, I remember fiddling with key commands to get it to work back when I came back to Cubase at the beginning of 2010, so maybe it was fixed in 5.5, or maybe I was missing something! :confused:

It’s a function I am really happy about having, in any event- I love to keep my hand off the mouse whenever possible.

Ah! Just realized it’s because you have Lanes mode activated (so, presumably, you were seeing the Hand tool, rather than the Select tool, before it changes into the Play tool?).
Just click, and hold down, the mousebutton, before adding the Ctrl key.

Yes, that’s it.
I don’t like that change. Cause when you’ve a kc that is a ‘standard’ in the program and you’ve to change it on some situations, it’s not very logical…

Ahhh! Its amazing how its such a simple solution. Didn’t realize it was that picky about pressing the mouse first. Thanks for the info! Worked like a charm!


I’m thinking that (for audio atleast) it should have worked the other way around. Dragging the event between lanes should keep the position, but pressing control would “release” it making it possible to move it in time.


Thanks for pointing out the new lanes behaviour and the new key combo…