Moving Files From Ai4 to Artist 6; Do I Have To?

I own AI4 but I just bought Artist 6. I have only one unfinished project which contains 4 audio tracks and one midi track. I want to uninstall Ai4, then install Artist 6. Do I need to move my project files or will they be preserved during the uninstall of Ai4? If they must be moved, where are they all and how do I go about it?


6: I got Cubase 6 a year ago or so and I still have both on my computer
Cubase Le4 and Cubase 6. You probably will get a “DONGLE” which
is a Licence and plugs into a spare USB port on your computer.
It licenses both versions, kinda cool. :sunglasses:
I have had no problem opening Cubase Le4 Projects into Cubase 6.
In my OPINION keep Ai4 on your computer to. :wink:

PS: as for where your Files are at, try to go to

  1. File — top left
  2. recent projects
  3. copy this info down

Always make sure where your files are at ( SAVE THEM) before a project starts like to
Desktop—my documents- My cubase files – etc. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Unfortunately, I don’t have the fastest processer around and I’m trying to keep only what I need installed. Thus, Cubase AI4 has to go and Artist 6 will be installed afterwards. The thing I need to confirm is whether I can open my AI4 unfinished project in A6 after the change. In other words, do project files save in their native places when AI4 is completely uninstalled?[keyword_search]=Project%20Compatibility

Thanks, but your link led me to a compatibility chart which does not answer the question concerning unfinished project files. I’m trying to verify that I can completely uninstall AI4, then install Artist 6 while preserving the unfinished project started in AI4.

Unless you are very short of disk space on your C drive then don’t uninstall AI4 and just install Artist 6 beside it.

This will have no impact on your, not having a fast processor, what so ever.

Ah, I see… Sorry,

The thing I need to confirm is whether I can open my AI4 unfinished project in A6 after the change

I misunderstood this sentence, becauseI took it out of the context

Project files and audio files usually get saved where you tell Cubase to save them.

I already completely uninstalled Ai4. I opened my unfinished project in ARtist 6. The audio is fine, but the instrument tracks are either not playing; even when I chose a new voice in 6, or, they play, but the volume is all screwed up. It would appear that the instrument and MIDI tracks don’t seamlessly move over because HalionOne is not used anymore. Will I end up recording these tracks over, or is there some kind of fix?

The HalionOne installation files should be on your CA 6 disc