Moving from 6.5

I just purchased Cubase 7 and activated it and the eLc says I can use 7.5 but I’m not sure if I should just wait until the 7.07 maintenance update.

I previously had Cubase Elements 6.0.7 and that was solid so I’m hoping for a similar, flawless experience.

If I install 7.5 have any (and all) bugs been fixed that would be addressed by the 7.07 update or should I just wait until the end of January?

Cheers all

You won’t lose anything by just trying. Bugs that bother one user might not appear on another users machine or with different ways of working. You’ll never get a software that has all bugs fixed.

About the 7.07 update: I expect a more or less simultaneous release of 7.5.1, adressing some issues present in 7.06 and 7.5. Just can say that 7.5 works very good for me (and it seems for many others as well) with just a few minor issues, so I wouldn’t hesitate. Your Elements 6.07 install will keep intact anyway, 7 is an independent installation.

hi MarQs

There already is a 7.5.1 update Cubase Artist 7.5.1 plug-in set update available - Cubase - Steinberg Forums and I know from the last version 6.5.3 there was a final update so I guess there is hope yet (too much bad publicity on this forum to read).

That’s only for Artist. 7.5.1 for the full edition will come later in January.

Hello papi61, is this something you read … and if so, did they say what they planned to fix?


7.5.1 will be released together with 7.0.7, and it’s basically the same update. I don’t think they have specified what bugs it addresses yet. It’s possible that they will call it 7.0.2 to avoid confusion with Artist 7.5.1.

Hi papi

The update in the page I linked to has already been released but it is not for Cubase 7.5.

7.07 will come after 7.5/7.5.1 so my guess is it will include any bugfixes from higher version updates.

My question was though, will the 7.5 branch have any further updates, other than this plugin and program specific update?