Moving from a damaged Macbook

Hi everyone,

I purchased Dorico as a download as soon as it was released and activated it on my old machine via the soft elicenser.

My old Macbook has become damaged beyond repair and the hard drive is also corrupted and not recoverable.

I have just purchased a new Macbook and have installed the latest version of Dorico and am now being asked for an activation code.

I have been into and clicked Reactivation and made sure my soft elicenser is registered with it. There is no option or way for me to gain another activation code. Obviously because my previous machine is not in use I cannot deactivate to then reactivate on a new machine.

Can somebody please suggest how I fix this problem and quickly please.

Best regards,

Mark Gibson

In this case it is best to contact Steinberg Support via MySteinberg.

Mark, in case you’re still having problems here, you should find that provided you know what your original activation code was (e.g. from the label in the box, if you bought the boxed version, or the email you received from the Steinberg Online Shop if you bought the download version), you can still go through the ‘Reactivate’ workflow, because it will give you a new activation code if you enter your original activation code.

Is there a limit to how often the Dorico license can be reactivated on the Soft-eLicenser? I’m currently having trouble with my MacBook Pro, reinstalled the whole system after several boot failures, reactivated my Dorico license… and the next time I had to restart my MacBook Pro, the system was damaged again… So, do I better be careful with reactivating until everything is fully functional again, or does Steinberg allow for unlimited reactivations of the eLicenser?

I don’t think anyone has ever complained here that they’ve been locked out by reactivating too many times. Furthermore, the team here are really understanding about these sorts of things, and I’m sure that if you had a problem with the eLicenser they’d fix it for you pretty quickly.

That said, when you say that “the next time you had to restart your MacBook Pro the system was damaged again” are you just talking about the eLicenser or the operating system? If just the eLicenser, a) make sure it’s up to date and b) allow it to carry out its maintenance tasks.

@pianoleo: I was talking about my hard drive or maybe the hard drive cable that was damaged. I was just worried, because in this thread – – people talked about “used up” reactivations, but I couldn’t find further information about it…