Moving from Audition to Wavelab

Hey Guys

I have been working with Adobe Audition for a while now I think about 3 years but I decided to move on since there hasn’t been any real update since CS4 or something at least I am pretty sure I can’t do anything more then my friend with cooledit can (Adobe bought cooledit) also I hate the Creatieve Cloud idea so I am still working on CS6.
I want to move now to WaveLab but what should I take in consideration and look at.

I create master cd’s and I master for primairly the Drum & Bass scene sometime rockbands.
Mixing is sometimes part of what I do. And I do apply several things in mixes to do create a better master like notch filters I use a list for this to specify (hats & snares) Add attack and add notch filters.

I couldn’t find an article on this on internet just have some sheets to compare both products.
For example this one.

Of course I am moving to the latest version.

That link is so incomplete and so inaccurate in what it does contain as to be completely meaningless. Better to get install trials and compare them in what you want to do.

I use both. I prefer WaveLab for editing (in the montage mainly), and it’s unmatched for CD generation right there in the same environment. I often prefer Audition for noise reduction and some types of spectral editing, but will try both in difficult cases. Audition allows me to apply noise reduction and spectral editing to projects with more than two channels, which WaveLab doesn’t handle (the multi-track facilities WaveLab has are clumsy and patched on, but usable for simple things).


I have been looking into it.
Audition has been lacking updates since it was cooledit primairly but cooledit was pretty ahead for it’s time.

I am currently sticking too both.
But I will be moving on to the WaveLab pro license by next month.
I also sometimes give small workshops or classes on the topic of mastering for artist & producers (mostly those who work in FL and think everything +6 in a mixdown is acceptable.) And I am gonna stick with step by step audacity work flow.
Audacity misses a lot but got everything you need you can just only use one effect at the time.

But a lot of audio restaution tools I have been impressed with being able to draw lines the way I want for example.

That’s an odd assertion - adding spectral editing was hardly a minor update, for instance. Also, rewriting from the ground up in order to be able to serve another platform (Mac as well as PC). And handling of multichannel files.