Moving from Trial to Full - Reinstall?

After playing with the trial, I’ve decided to invest in the full version. The package is on its way.

My question is, what to do when I receive the discs? Do I:

  1. leave the trial version in place and just install the full license key in the dongle?
  2. just install the full version over the top of the trial version?
  3. uninstall the trial and install the full version?

Anyone got an idea which is the best route?


Thanks, Bredo.

Well, the package has arrived, but without the Essential Product License Information card with my activation code…

This, I have to say, is fairly typical of my experience with Steinberg…

Following a plea for help to the Steinberg Support desk, I’ve now got my activation code within 90 mins of the request being sent. I’m a happy camper again.

My Cubase 6 upgrade finally arrived, after almost 6 weeks. Since I had already installed the trial version, I just want to report that the installer on the supplied disc was smart enough to recognize that Cubase 6 was already installed. There were a couple of things that were not already installed: Halion Sonic SE and Drum Loop Expansion.

Six weeks :open_mouth:

So you had to put aside your C6 (whose trial is only 30 days) until it came in? That must have been the pits. I will be so unhappy if my upgrade doesn’t come in before my trial ends.

So you actually used the installer disk? I thought it was just a matter of entering the new license information in the dongle …?

Yes, I ordered it before the Cubase 6 trial was made available. So thinking arrival of Cubase 6 was imminent, I decided to get started on the trial, and fortunately I got Cubase 6 before the trial expired. Seems the hard copy distribution has really got Steinberg backed up, which is a good sign for the success of Cubase 6, but I imagine Steinberg is questioning itself about the policy, as it is clearly so easy to download the trial. I guess they really want us to have the trial discs for the other products.

I used the installer disk just to be sure. The program recognized that Cubase 6 was already installed.