moving from Win 7 to 10 , better experience with Cubase ?

I have seen 1 post claim that W10 from 7 increased stability and performance , can anyone vouch for this?

I updated to 10 from 7 on my video only PC and found 10 to be a zippier experience all around, impressed.

I am on Cubase 8.10


Did the post claim that Cubase 8 is more stable in Windows 10 than 7, or that Windows 10 is more stable than 7? Windows 10 is less stable than Windows 7. Also, general application performance in Windows 10 is slightly less than in Windows 7, but I don’t know about Cubase, specifically. I’ve used Cubase 8 in both Windows 10 and 7, and a difference hasn’t really stood out to me.

If you experienced performance improvement in Windows 10, it’s more likely due to having done a fresh installation of Windows than due to having Windows 10. Apart from booting up a few seconds faster, Windows 10 isn’t faster than Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Windows 7 versus 10 application performance:

Windows 10 vs 7 gaming performance:

That compared to 7. Win 10 on Cubase 8 more stable and Windows is zipper.

Interesting data looks like a wash considering margin of error.

Seriously now tho…
How long have you tested it and how deep into the program have you gone?
You say you gather your info from a one post claim, and, from your video watching pc?
What exactly is zippier?
Im curious…
If it is “more stable” then someone needs to code better…

But, im not gonna get into this any more than i already have…which is too much…

Wish you all zippy, stable systems… No matter what u use… “Drops mic”

Who are you responding to? Lol

Can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in performance.

When I first installed W10 (clean install) I had a lot of glitches - but traced this to the Ethernet network card driver. Updating the driver fixed that.

The only issue which has occurred about 3 times with Cubase 8.5 is that it suddenly stopped playing audio through my M-Audio Profire 2626. The interface was still connected to Cubase and I could change settings from within Cubase - but the only way to get sound back was restart Cubase. I suspect there is something about the driver, which is actually a W7 driver (M-Audio have not updated drivers for W10). But to keep that in context - it has happened only 3 times in over a solid week of use.

All in all - once drivers are sorted, I would say no difference in performance from W10.


Thanks for the feedback, once I am in between projects and 8.5 gets ironed out I will upgrade to both , but no reason to rush it seems.

Tried Win 10 on a dual boot drive, no noticeable performance improvement at all, prefer Win 7, rock solid.