Moving from Windows 7 to Mac OSX - OMG what have I done?

Seems like so many have exhorted that “Mac” is the way to go for audio recording and having had nothing but issues since Cubase 6 with drop outs, glitches, etc. I finally bit the bullet and have moved over to OSX for now on a Mac Mini, i7, 16gb ram, with both 480gb SSD and 1tb HD (NOT a Fusion Drive). To "get used’ to the new OSX I’ve hooked up a CI2+ and the Mini sees it but keeps saying “The selected device has no output controls”. I can not for the life of me find a reference to this other than getting internal speakers to work on a MacBook Pro on the web. I’m stumped.

I have a Mac Pro being delivered in November that I’m planning on hooking up to my MR816’s but wanted to get a head start on the learning curve with the new (to me) apple OS. I thought this was going to be easy but must be missing something here. So far my impression is Windows was much easier to do the initial setup on but that’s probably just my being more used to the Windows environment.

As for now the vastly more intuative Apple OSX has made me feel like an idiot. I was always able to wade my way thru the issues with Windows but not here. If anyone has a good way for me to become rapidly familiar with the Mac OS and Cubase I’d be greatly appreciative. I searched Youtube and Apple’s videos without much success so far.

Any Mac proponents out there, sure could use some assistance with this. Thanks for any insight you may have. Ulti

Aloha U,

One approach would be to run Windows on yer Mac
while getting to know the OSX system.

That way you could at least get some musical work done.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your reply. My immediate problem is trying to find out why I get the “device has no output controls” on the CI2+. I’m learning the OS and still have my Windows system up and running so I’m still making music but I’m extremely frustrated I can’t figure out why no output even with the VST Connections there and all. I’m perplexed. Thanks again for the reply though. Best to you!