Moving GA Content - some content not detected by Library Manager

When I look at C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound

I find content e.g. FCP_SMT_733_GA_Simon_Phillips_Studio_Drums_SP

This is NOT available when loading GA or when using the Library Manager. When I opt to open the file from Windows Explorer it opens Library Manager, however, it tells me the file is already registered?

Does anyone else see or experience this?

Whenever you load the files into your storage folder (VST Sounds), you need to find that file in the folder and then double click on it before it becomes active.

I’m not following. I did not manually place anything in a storage folder?
FYI - double-clicking on the files activates some sort of registration process, however, the files themselves do not move to where the rest of my GA content is being kept. Therefore the original problem remains - GA data content in folders unable to be moved to another drive /location

Alright. Have you installed the Steinberg Library Manager on your DAW? You need to do this. Once this has been done, open the Library Manager. See the ‘GEAR’ icon in the upper right hand area? Click on that GEAR, a drop down will appear, and you will be able to SET A LOCATION FOR ALL YOUR VST SOUND FILES. Now, if you already have two different folders that contain various VST Sounds spread across your DAW, then I believe you will need to MANUALLY move these files to the one you establish. HOWEVER, once you establish this DEFAULT FOLDER location in the LIBRARY, then all new VST Sound files will automatically go there.

Is this what you are after?

Let’s start here - what is in your location - right here – C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound

Alright. It seems that you do not have the Steinberg Library installed? Why? If you install the Library you can move your VST sounds to a dedicated NON C Drive location and then this folder that you link here will only be full of 1KB shortcut links, NOT THE FULL VST SOUND DATA. You will have to link this new Folder in the Library for this to happen, BTW.

Example. My relocated (from the Steinberg automatic installer) VST Sound folder is located on my F Drive. This folder contains all my VST Sound data, for a total of 84G. On the other hand, my C Drive folder (that you listed in your post), contains ONLY shortcut links for: Groove Agent, HALion, Padshop, and VST Sound, - a total of 168MB.

I find the Library a great tool, and I am quite positive my C Drive doesn’t need the dead weight of 84G to carry around. All my Drives are SSD and there’s no lag when loading the VST sounds. My F Drive also contains all my UVI, MoReVox IRs, Kontakt samples, Waves instrument data, and more. All counted, probably 150G. No problem running any of the MIDI, IR devices.

Please read my 1st post. As mentioned the files CANNOT be SEEN by the Library Manager - hence…

In any case - I have manually moved the files in question, waiting to see if GA is negatively affected in anyway