Moving included VST instruments to a different drive?

Hi Guys,

I’ve just installed Cubase 6 (updated from C4), and I wasn’t given the option of where I wanted to install the included virtual instruments.

I’d love some help in knowing where they are installed - automatically - on a Mac, and how I can go about moving them to a different drive (where my other virtual instruments already sit).

I want to keep the Cubase programme itself on my main hard drive, and move only the VST instruments.

I would love some help if anyone can share how this is done.


You don’t want to move the native plugs.

Ah, does this cause problems with performance?

I usually like to keep all my virtual instruments on a separate drive if possible…

You could do that using symbolic links / directory junctions - depends on what OS you’re using / partition format of hard drives.

example Cubase6 x64, Win7 x64, ntfs formatted drives

So lets say you want to move vstplugins folder inside the Cubase6 folder using win7. At first you move the folder to its new destination with the explorer. (here d:\plugins\steinberg\VSTplugins)
Then you open the command prompt with admin rights (search for cmd in the task bar, right click, open as admin). Navigate to your Cubase folder.

cd\ (to get to main root of drive)
cd program files\steinberg\cubase 6

Now we want to make the directory junction

mklink /J "VSTplugins" "d:\plugins\steinberg\VSTplugins" (beware that Uppercase/Lowercase Letters matter)

Now you have a folder there named VSTplugins, it’s content is actually on the d: drive but for Cubase / other programs / Windows itself / it’s like nothing happened.

And in case you’re in Windows XP, you can create NTFS directory links with linkd.

Download Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit:

linkd "VSTplugins" "d:\plugins\steinberg\VSTplugins"

There’s no benefit to moving plugs themselves. Streaming content is another matter altoghther.

You guys really need to read these posts before wasting time talking about a different OS…still wish we had separate forums…but I digress.

I think you are asking about moving the installed content to a different drive as moving the VST plugin itself doesn’t do any good and is cumbersome. OSX keeps all the plugins organized in your Library folder. As for content if you are changing your mind after the install then all you can do is re-install and choose a new path for install content. I was just thinking about doing the same thing but the space taken isn’t much. Doing it after the fact can be more work.


  1. Does it harm anyone, if solution to the problem is given to other OS than iPussycat? While it may not help the original poster it may help others.
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  2. Where does the original poster say anything about OSX? He says “Mac”. There’s people running Cubase on Mac under Windows.

You’re right. But it’s always possible someone wants to move them for reason or another.

You should follow your own advice. :wink:

I wish Mac was a seperate forum too. Mac users are some of the rudest people on this forum, IMHO of course. :mrgreen:

No he wasn’t completely clear if he meant content or the plugin himself and I don’t think I was being rude but you certainly are…or maybe you are just trolling…or if you are kidding my apologies.

Thats why I added the Wiki Entry and that one clearly states →

POSIX and Unix-like operating systems

 ln -s source_file link_name

So he has to open the shell in osx and do it that way :slight_smile:

Or he can use aliases which is an OSX feature build into the finder

Sorry guys, to clarify… I was looking to move only the content of the included instruments, not the plugins themselves.

I’m using a Mac, not Windows.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!


Then just locate the content folder → and proceed with the above described procedures.

Aloha y,
just to chime in,

Keep in mind some of this stuff lives within the C6 programme itself.

Moving that stuff may be more problematic than it is worth.

I agree with IFM:

As for content if you are changing your mind after the install then all you can do is re-install and choose a new path for install content.