Moving layers from Spectralayers to Cubase 1 by 1 (slow and tedious)

I often use Spectralayers with ARA in Cubase to do various processes to the audio…
having to drag the processed layers back into cubase 1 by 1 is kinda time consuming and tedious.

Any chance on being able to select multiple layers to drag and drop back into Cubase?

Unfortunately not in this version of SL, as this require important architectural change.
This is high in the list for the next major version of SpectraLayers though.


Great to hear it is being worked on.

The other thing that is crazy slow is having to turn off spectralayers ARA on each region that i just imported, including the original audio track, one by one.
I would love to leave it on if it didn’t cause so many glitches and errors, but its basically impossible to work unless i disable spectralayers and even sometimes have to bounce that audio to get past the issues of cubase being glitchy.

So being able to select multiple audio regions and disable them all in one go would help this whole situation also…

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