Moving license from DB25 dongle to eLicenser


I am trying to upgrade my old Nuendo 1.52 to the latest version. Bought the upgrade (at a discount, which is why I decide to do so), and also because I am so tired of the competitor’s constant subscription, yet also constant buggy software.

I never registered with Steinberg, since bac then you basically just ran with the dongle and that was it. However I cannot register with the serial number, since they now only do eLicenser registrations? Not sure how to register this with them.

I have the original DB25 dongle, which contains the license, and the registration card. How can I transfer the license on that dongle to a new USB eLicencer. I also own one of these new USB eLicencer dongles.

Is it a matter of just getting a DB25 to USB adapter, and running the eLicenser software?

Or is this more a matter of talking directly to Steinberg to see what can be done?


Well, I talked directly to Steinberg USA, and they recommended I follow their instructions on getting a replacement Nuendo 1.x license from Steinberg Germany.

We’ll see how it goes.

It has been a whole month, after submitting a ticket with Steinberg DE, and NOTHING.

I am starting to wonder if I wasted my money buying the upgrade. Of course, “there are no refunds”.

I am getting my Sweetwater friend involved to get to the bottom of this non existent service.

I opened a new support ticket with Yamaha. Chatted with one of their support team, who is going to try to get this resolved. WIll report on this once this is resolved.

Does this help: Compatibility of line printer port (LPT, parallel port) dongles (Cubase VST, Nuendo 1)

I did look at that originally. The issue is they are taking a looooooong time to reply.

Yamaha support is now on it. They own Steinberg.

Thanks to Yamaha Support!!! Got my replacement Nuendo 1 license a day later. Now I am fully upgraded to 10.