moving license to new dongle

so I have a very old dongle. It contains OMF, AES31, OpenTL, Cubase 10 and Nuendo 5.5.

Should I just move my Cubase 10 to my new dongle or would I need any of the other licenses (I plan to sell my Nuendo 5.5 license) ?

Connect both eLicensers to your computer, open eLicenser Control Center, then you can drag and drop licences between the eLicensers. Don’t forget to register the new eLicenser so that it appears in your My Steinberg account.

I think the other licenses you mention all belong with the Nuendo licence. What of that functionality is in Cubase 10 is built in with no further licence required IIRC. You can unplug the eLicenser with everything except the Cubase licence to check.

If you have any use for Nuendo, I believe I’m correct in saying Nuendo 10 is a superset of Cubase Pro 10 except for the lack of VST Transit support. You could upgrade Nuendo 5.5 to Nuendo 10 and sell the Cubase Pro 10 licence - but in a strange quirk of Steinberg marketing, it’s more expensive to upgrade Nuendo 5.5 to Nuendo 10 than a similarly ancient copy of Cubase! The cheapest way to get to Nuendo 10 is likely to buy an old Cubase licence (checking it is still recent enough to qualify for the crossgrade), then crossgrade it to Nuendo.

Unfortunately the high upgrade cost probably means your Nuendo 5.5 licence is not worth that much unless someone has a use for it ‘as is’.


I would recommend to do so. Several users says Cubase behaves faster then. So keep your Nuendo 5.5 on the old USB-eLicenser and move other licenses to the new one. :wink:

I used my new dongle for a few days. The startup times are night and day in difference :slight_smile: so much faster now!

This is very interesting!

Anyone know how to identify if I’ve got the old or the new (faster) dongle?
Any pictures of the old vs new etc. would help, thank you! :sunglasses:

I guess the new dongle is purple (ish) and smaller.

My old one on top of the box

Go to the Steinberg page -> support -> type „USB key“ into the search.

Yep, i’m one of them, i swapped from a version 2 to a version 4.

the random ASIO spikes seem to have abated too…


Here you can see all USB-eLicenser generations:

Thanks! Must check which one I have, when I get back to my studio.

I am currently using two 3rd generation dongles which I got when I bought Nuendo in September 2009.

Should I be concerned about them failing now?

Will there be a performance improvement if I were to change to the latest version?

Some reports say the latest version is a bit flimsy, but is it robust enough for long-term use?

I also have two spare, new, unused 3rd generation dongles. Would it be beneficial to move my licences from the ones I am currently using to these unused ones?