Moving lyrics vertically manually?

Hello, I put a tie under a melody and the lyrics below went too close to the next system.
So removed the tie a bit manually and hoped Dorico would recognize this and lift them a bit up but it doesn’t. So now I tried tot do that manually as well but in no mode not seems to work here. Is that an XML import problem ?

Thank you

Are you in Galley View? Vertical spacing is only displayed in Page View.

You can move lyrics vertically in Engrave mode.

Hm I am in engrave mode (Notensatz) but it just works (with the mouse) horizontally…

ah but with the shortcut it worked … strange

Yes, lyrics cannot be dragged with the mouse vertically. This is intentional, since the user would want to keep vertical and horizontal movements separate.

Use alt+up and down arrows to nudge lines up and down.

You can click and drag whole lyric lines vertically though, using the handle at the start of the lyric line on each system (scroll down this page to see a screenshot demonstrating this handle).

Use alt+up and down arrows to nudge lines up and down.

Yes I already did.

@Lillie… tank you for the tip!!

Best regards

Alt up/down doesn’t appear to work where the last syllable is held over a system break and is the only lyric (albeit just a continuation line) on the next system. You can move it vertically in the system above, but not the one below. Lillie’s link (June 3) suggests another way might be possible but that link is no longer working.

Ah yes, there was some folder restructuring between posting that link and the most recent German manual update - I’ve edited the previous post.

Thanks Lillie - I found the equivalent English page in the Manual.

I’ve tried what is suggested and I still can’t get vertical movement. It looks as if if a lyric extension line on its own in a system can’t be moved.

(It’s just occured to me there is a way round this by using lines rather than extender lines)

You should find that a lyric extender line at the start of the system will move vertically if you select the first complete lyric on the system and adjust its vertical position instead.

Thanks Daniel. Apologies, I’ve probably explained it badly - in this case the the extender line is the only lyric notation in the system. I’ve managed to get around it by using a line, rather than an extender line.

Ah. You could also work around it in this case by temporarily adding another lyric somewhere on the system, then removing it after adjusting its vertical position.


Good to know and a much better solution than the one I arrived at. Thanks.

I was initially excited by this solution, but now I’ve tried it (in Dorico Pro 3.5) it doesn’t work: deleting the lyric resets the spacing. Never mind. (Although I’ll gladly hear about other workrounds!)

I’ve found a workaround - instead of deleting the unwanted lyric, I just dragged it off the page!

You could also use an alt_space which creates an invisible space character which wouldn’t have to be removed.