Moving Markers Together

If 2 markers are in the same place, is there a way to move them together (aside from entering times)? So if there is a region end in the same place as the next region starts, can they be slid around as a pair? I’m in the audio editor, not the montage. Thanks!

check this “Move Multiple Markers Dialog”

a trick can be if using same “markers” nearby
change to other “marker” and move and/or vice versa

regards S-EH

Thanks– but this is not really the function I’m looking for. I’m seeking a way to select 2 specific markers, whatever they are named, and keep them together while dragging them around.

Yes, if you at least could move the markers with
start and ending function together, I think that could be useful…

regards S-EH

There is not such a feature. But if you are in an audio montage, you can bind marker positions with a clip, and then markers move when the clip is moved.

If you need to move a selected range (not markers), then use Control (Command on Mac) + Shift and drag the selection.

one way in the audio editor are…

export marker in .xml
change marker time
save .xml
load .xml in WL again

regards S-EH