Moving Montage clips separately...

How can I move clips on 1 track in a montage, and not have clips in the other track follow? I have no idea how, but the clips on the tracks seem to have moved out of alignment, so the 1 track is offset from the other. The montage is displaying L/R, but has been split.

I’ve spent a ton of time looking and can’t get it to happen: The pre-gap & start time in the clip list seem tied together, so changing the time by number is not doing it. Opt+shft when dragging is also not doing what I want. None of the ripple/grouping options are it. The align clips function again sounds like it, but also isn’t.


Check the “Ripple” setting in the Edit Ribbon Tab in the montage:

There are 3 modes. None, Track, and Global. “None” is probably what you want for this task, Track and Global are useful if you need to adjust the space between two clips and but want to preserve the spacing between the following clips on either all the tracks (Global) or just on a certain track (Track).

See attachement.

Nope, that didn’t do it- still moved clips on both tracks together.

My picture may not have been the most accurate choice because “Global” was selected, did you set the Ripple to “None”?

Yup- I tried those options thoroughly, and then some…

You may have to post a video clip of what’s happening unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to do…or maybe somebody else has an idea.

If I have “None” selected in the Ripple settings, I can move a clip around on the timeline and all the other clips stay where they are.

Sure, thanks for taking a look…

That’s a strange one for sure. I don’t know what to say but I would try to delete the clip and re-add the clip to the montage and see what happens. Maybe PG or somebody has seen this before I have not. In the montage I (almost) always work with stereo clips on stereo tracks so maybe it’s an issue I haven’t had the chance to discover.

Are the clips grouped?



These are M/S tracks. The M and S clips need to be obviously synced.

Yes, and they’re not. No idea, but WL unglued them and I can’t move 1 only to get them back in alignment. Please see short screen recording above.

This is not normal that there is an offset, indeed. I don’t know why this could happen. You could delete the clip and recreate it.