Moving music items in score without moving them in parts

Hi everyone,

I’m having a bit of trouble with engraving.
I have edited my score to look perfect, but some things are looking rather messy in my parts, especially the placement of hairpins. As I adjust their position in engrave mode, it screws their positioning in my score. How do I unlink them?

I can see that selecting an object in the score also selects/links it to the same item in the part and vice versa, but in the tutorial video “How to Make Edits to Music Items” Anthony states that “changes you are making in engrave mode only affect the layout you are working on”. How do I make this statement apply to me as well?


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This toggle (in the top RH corner of the Properties panel) determines whether or not positioning overrides you make in one layout carry over to the others. Also—and this is indeed very liable to screw you over at some point—dynamics that are vertically linked to other instruments in the score due to copying & pasting will also carry over their properties regardless. What you could do is select the entire score, Filter>All Dynamics, then Dynamics>Unlink to prevent this in the future.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: I knew the solution would probably be right under my nose. How odd that I missed this toggle but had actually worked out the “unlink” function already - but thanks for being so kind as to mention it!

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