Moving note from treble clef to bass clef ?

I am working on some solo piano pieces in Cubase’s Score Editor. Because of the arbitrary C3 split point various notes are on the wrong staff so I need to move them from treble to bass or vice-versa. If I use the ‘Display in Staff’ right-click option, the note moves but there is a stem covering both staffs (see bar 47 in attachment). This shouldn’t happen, and doesn’t happen with other notes that Cubase put in the right place automatically (see bar 46).
So how can I stop this from happening ?

Two solutions:

1- change the C3 split point in the staff settings
2 (best) - use polyphonic mode for the staff and choose “Move To Voice” instead.

Select the notes you want to move and press the ‘M’ key

hello, I’m having the same problem. I’m using cubase 10 elements LE.I think the interface has changed because I do not see the “Move To Voice” option in the score editor. When I right click on a note, I do not get the “Move To Voice” option. I’ve gone into the staff settings and made it polyphonic. There are no options in there for voices. I’ve set the split point at C3 for both treble and bass clefs but the problem with that is all C3’s go to the treble clef and like to original poster, I want to move some of these C3’s to the bass clef. Please help!

I guess, that is pretty easy to do. Use the polyphonic mode

  1. Select the notes you want to move
  2. use the context menu ( on mac: cmd+right click) and move to voice> move to voice x. to your liking