Moving notes by a tuplet

Hi, I was wondering how I can move the selected note to the left by one eighth note triplet. I thought it would work by selecting only the notes without the triplet mark, and use the alt-cmd-← shortcut. However, if the chord mode (Q) is not activated, the tuplets are cancelled. If the chord mode is activated, it does something quite weird ose you can see in the second screenshot.
Thanks for your help!

That is odd, but I suspect it is because the triplet is somehow connected to the first eighth of each triplet and displacing that first note of each triplet (with ATL+LeftArrow) clears the triplet.

Activating Chord mode keeps the triplets but does not move all the notes where they are supposed to be.

Hi! I was wondering if this issue is known by the developers. Or is there any way to achieve this with another command?



I find I can shift notes from one tuplet at a time to the previous one without breaking anything. But if I select from more than one tuplet, a note gets clobbered.

This is so frustrating. Is there a solution to this issue?

There’s no “one stop” solution to this kind of need, no. Quite a lot of things would need to be put in place to make it possible to handle this more gracefully. Dorico would need to be able to move things by a triplet grid value, and it would also need to somehow know that the tuplets need to stay put while the notes move through them. It would certainly be nice if Dorico could handle this better, but it’s not possible right now.

I think the best approach for now would be to activate Insert mode, remove the tuplets, move the notes, then deactivate Insert mode and re-tupletify the notes having moved them. Or perhaps cut and paste the entire passage except for the first tuplet.

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Ok, thanks for your response. Hopefully it’ll gradually slide up the todo list…hopefully triplet grid doesn’t seem too outrageous a request :relaxed:


In the same vein, it would be cool if in a future version there was a filter option to select only the tuplets without the notes themselves. It would make this action quite faster

We do have a filter for tuplets. I use it often enough that I assigned it a keyboard shortcut.


Oh you’re right! I remember now what I was looking for : a filter for notes without the tuplets signs, because if note I cannot access to their properties

Either show signposts before making your selection, or use the System Track to make the selection. In either case the hidden tuplets can be filtered.

Hi Janus, thanks for the reply, but it’s not exactly what I meant. I’m looking for a way to filter notes only without the tuplet numbers and brackets. Because when I use the note filter option, it includes these signs, and because of that, it impossible to access the properties that concern the notes only.

Either Filter Select Notes and Chords, then use Filter Deselect and Filter Tuplets, or start off by selecting the first note, Cmd/Ctrl-click the last note and then use Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A to Select More (meaning all the notes in that voice between the first and last selected notes, without selecting the tuplets).

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Good idea pianoleo! Thanks