Moving Notes in Key Editor

So I used to be able to select a group of notes in the key editor and move them using the up and down arrow keys, or up and down an octave by pressing shift-up and shift-down.

The shift-up and shift-down commands still work, but moving up and down a half step does not.

These key commands do not seem to be assignable in the key commands window.

It’s difficult to search for info on this as well since the stupid search function restricts the words “key” and “editor.”

Any help?

I’m bumping this. Can someone please confirm this as a bug or a brain fart on my part? It’s an easy check; record some midi, open the key editor, see if you can move the notes up and down by a half step using the up/down arrow keys.

I’d suggest you trash your preferences to see if it resolves your problem.

This works fine for me.