Moving Notes in Piano Roll (key editor) by scale

Hi, so I want to set my key signature or scale and be able to move the notes according to those rules. For instance, if I say that my track is in the key of Eminor, a note would jump from E to F# instead of going E to F. Is this possible?


You can add a Chord Track, and Insert a Chord Events, or the Scale Events. Then you can set the track to follow the Chord Track (Chords, Scales, or both). Then once you change the Chord or Scale in the Chord Track, the data will follow (transpose).

Cubase Pro only.

To be fair that’s not what is being asked for. This is another request for pitch quantization by scale.

This can be done in the score editor, though.

Hey Steve, thanks for chiming in. You’re absolutely right, that’s what I’m looking for. You say it can be done in the score editor? I’ve never used it, despite my classical training. Is it easy? I’m used to sibelious.

Yeah, open the track in the score editor, and insert a key. Dragging with the mouse defaults to chromatic, hold down ctrl for diatonic in the current key.

To make the notes legible, you might have to go to score settings and set the Interpretation and Display quantize thusly: