Moving Notes to Another Staff - Bug?

I routinely hold FN+ALT and then press N to move notes up to the next staff or M to move them down a staff (example: move the oboe part toe English horn).

I tried to move snare notes up to the woodblock staff and it didn’t work. I thought I had gotten confused about the procedure so I tried it with other instruments. It works fine on other instruments, but not in percussion staves.

Is that a bug?

(I can cut and paste, of course. This is just odd.)

There are some limitations with moving notes from pitched to unpitched staves and vice versa, due to the fact that the mapping for notes either becoming pitched or unpitched is more complicated than simply retaining the same pitch for the note and showing it at a new staff position.

I have noticed this same issue as OP, however it seems to be the case for all unpitched percussion as well. It comes up for me frequently where I wish to copy the same rhythmic pattern from say snare to hi-hats or bass drum - all unpitched - and nothing happens. Not a huge deal since I can just copy paste but it would be nice to have access to this functionality between unpitched staves!

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@dspreadbury , Understand, but this was unpitched to unpitched, FYI.

Yes, unpitched to unpitched has the same limitations, because the music has to be remapped. However, making it work sensibly when going from one unpitched instrument to another is in theory somewhat simpler (notwithstanding needing to resolve differences in playing techniques that may not be present on the destination instrument), so it’s something we may be able to add in future.

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Thanks! Definitely not a huge problem. I won’t be moving triangle to tambourine or bass to clash cymbal too often. This snare to woodblock move was a one-off situation. :slight_smile:

I frequently copy and paste from a pitched staff to an unpitched staff or vice-versa, for example if I’ve built an interesting or complex syncopated pizzicato rhythm on strings and I want to complement each note with a bass or snare drum. Fortunately this function does work flawlessly when doing it that way (and also by alt+click mouse), so hoping there could be a way to eventually copy up and down using alt+N/M and Dorico will do the same necessary translation it already currently does with the copy/paste function (I reckon it strips pitch value and just copies the rhythm?). Either way not a big deal. Thanks!

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