Moving Notes To Different Staves

I may eventually discover on my own, but let’s say I’m writing for piano and put music in for one hand that I decide to move to the other. Is there a quick of moving these notes while also keeping their position (and not having a rest be put in its previous place)?

Haha, discovered it almost immediately after posting…
(Select the notes and press ‘M’…so amazingly simple.)

If you want to use cross-staff beaming, then simply hit N to move the selected note(s)/chord(s) to the staff above, or M to move them to the staff below. But if you want to actually remove them from one staff and place them on the other, you can cut them with Ctrl+X, then put the caret at the rhythmic position at which you want them to appear on the other (so you don’t have to split up the destination bar into rests etc. to get a valid position to paste to) and do Ctrl+V.

Yep, but now a problem arises: it will, at some point, suddenly create this huge space between the staves (in this case, when I went back and added a time signature and it reformatted thusly). How do I fix that?

It shouldn’t do that. Could you zip up your project and attach it here so I can take a look?

Well, it already fixed itself somehow…haven’t had a problem since. But will do if it happens again.