Moving onto previous system questions

Hi all,

Just trying to understand this process a bit -

If I move 3 bars onto the previous system, Dorico squishes the notes up on that one system to accomodate them, and pops a system break at the start. However it makes the note spacing of the other systems on the page much more spaced out and my ideal would be that the whole frame’s note spacing be adjusted. If you get rid of the system break, which I tried in the thought that the notes might spread out across the page, it resets the positions to what went on before.

What’s the better way to approach this in Dorico?

Many thanks

ah never mind - I just added a note spacing change earlier on. Duh!

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It’s funny how the act of asking a question physically (asking IRL or posting online) often leads you to find the answer yourself. I use that with new engineers, I let them ask questions, then navel gaze and look wise, and they’ll usually proceed to answer it themselves :grin:

Sounds like an easy way to make a living! :wink: Yes - I’ve come to love writing reports on my piano students because the act of writing down a couple of goals for the students makes me think about what I need to do to achieve those goals

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