Moving percussion kit up in the score

Hi, I tried to move up the percussion kit (made from individual instruments -unpitched) in the score. In one layout I managed to do it, but in the other one which is actually the same with some only cosmetic edits, something is disturbing to do it. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot for help.

What “tool” did you use? Setup mode left list? Or Layout options>Players>Use custom order ? If the latter, make sure you select the appropriate Layout in the list on the right of Layout options.

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I used setup mode from the left as first time. I shall use a new one pc soon with much bigger RAM , now I have 4 GB. Maybe that´s a problem?

And the kit is presented the same way (5 line staff, or grid, or lines)? It should not change…
Is it the same if you close and reopen the file?

It looks like that . I tried once more now but no result. These are actually two kits on two grids. First 2 instr, and second 6 instr

Can you share a cut down project (delete all the music, only the setup is relevant here, AFAIK)?

Hi , here is the cut of my piece…
Thanks for help.

Rhapsody - Concerto for Viola and Orchestra 11.2022 PART TWO cut forum.dorico (575.1 KB)

In Layout Options > Players, select Full Score in the Layouts list on the right, then move the players up or down in “Uses custom player order” to the positions you want, and click Apply.
Does that produce the results you want?

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It works! thank you so much stevenjones01