Moving Plug-in Presets to a different location

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if this is possible? I have tried but when ever I move the files out of their default location, the VST plug-in itself doesn’t show them, but Media Bay does. And I’m even able to load the files from Media Bay successfully. Just not from the VST plug-in. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

I just did so yesterday since I built a spanking new DAW. No problem (although I think I’ve found a bug: I moved everything to c:\Program Files\VstPlugins which was also the default Vst2.x path in Plug-in Information, but an Update provided no new plugins unless I removed the path and reinserted it):

Open Plug-in Information from the Devices menu, add the folder to Vst2.x paths and click Update (I’m not in front of the DAW ATM so I may not remember the wording correctly).

For a plugin “abc”, Cubases “Preset Broser” only displays .vst3presets in the default vstsound folder, which also has to have the exact name of the plugin itself.

Which, IMHO, is a bug, or a design flaw, because a plugin is identified by its VST-UNIQUE-ID, not by its name.

If you have presets for plugin “abc”, and you use Automap, automap creates a plugin “abc (Automap)”, and you won’t see presets you saved with plugin “abc”, and you won’t see presets you made with “abc (Automap)”, when you disable automap for that plugin and have “abc” again…

(I edit the VSTPlugin…xml to edit “… (Automap)” plugin names back to the unchanged name, so presets are availabe again… but a user not supposed to do these hacks.

It’s a clear specification of steinbergs own VST interface, that a plugin is being identified by its Unique-ID, NOT by its name…


There was also a prob that I had where I couldn’t see the VST presets and it turned out to be tick box somewhere… Sorry, not in front of the DAW right now so I can’t be more specific. But, it was essentially because the dir name wasn’t checked so nothing was being displayed, could it be something like this? It’s hazy but might there be a button on the preset window to bring up a checkbox window…?


I would like to have a steinberg employee jump in and explain this in more detail, because the whole media bay, preset browser and the like seems to be quite confusing…

the cubase plugins presets (vst & vsti) are compressed & located here : c/programme/steinberg/cubase 6/VST Sound
steinberg made something to save your mediabay (for backup or for moving to another computer)
in your mediabay browser (on the left) right clic on one of your hard disk (D/E/G what ever) & choose the last option “create…” (sorry mine is in french) this will create a folder named “.steinberg” where a mediabay file is !
& now you can reload this file in the same way :wink:

The following is exactly what I have tried:

I moved some VST Preset files from the default location, ~/Library/Audio/Presets/Novation DMS/VStation/, to another location on a different hard drive. I then started Cubase, went to MediaBay, navigated to the location where I moved these files, checked the box on the left of the folder, right clicked the folder and selected “Rescan Disk”.

At this point, all seemed fine. It scanned the folder and showed all the files, just as they were in the default location. I was even able to select any sound and play it with my MIDI keyboard. If I double clicked on the sound, it would load an Instrument Track with that VSTi and I would be good to go. Easy. But in the VSTi, if I click on “Load Preset”, nothing shows. It’s completely blank.

It’s weird because in MediaBay it shows that the plug-in preset is for VStation. But it still doesn’t show in VStation itself…


Well, I had a similar problem. I fixed it in the VST preset window by

a) clicking the button bottom left (3 recrangles)

b) clicking the 3 checkboxes and then the background to get rid of them (what a very weird idea that dialog is, where did the standard and intuitive close button go???)

c) then making sure that the folder at the top left was checked (because it appears that it isn’t by default…)


Hi Mike,

You’re talking about the filter when looking for a preset, right? And that little window above the filter that lets you select a folder… I remember trying that and there still was nothing there. I’ll try it again and see how it goes.

In the mean time, I’m using this nice little app for the Mac called “Synk” to basically sync all files in Cubase that cannot be moved to a more appropriate location for me. That way Cubase is happy and I am happy at the same time :slight_smile: