Moving Pool window on multiple monitor systems

Wonder if I’m just missing something…running C6 on a win7 64 bit system with multiple monitors (2 26" monitors). I generally have the project window on the left side monitor (monitor #1) and various other windows (mixer, edit, vst windows, control room mixer etc…) on the right side monitor (#2).

I’m aware of how to right click windows and set them to "Allways on top mode) but the Pool window is frustrating me. I can open the pool window but cant move it over to monitor # 2. The hassle with this is that if I have the project window open on the left/monitor #1, and open the pool window, the pool window lays on top of the project window and makes it difficult to drag files from the pool window onto a track on the project window.

Any other window can be moved to the right monitor/#2. Somehow I’d not noticed this before…or maybe I had and I’m only now frustrated enough with it to want to find a solution :slight_smile:

Is there something I’m missing? Anyone know how to move the pool window over to a secondary monitor so it doesn’t open right on top of the project window?

Is your main Cubase window stretched over both monitors? I think that should do the trick - ofcourse you can still keep the main project window on the left monitor only. Something like this.