Moving (position) multiple automation lines at once ?

Hi all,

After searching in the manual, and this forum quite a bit, i can’t find an answer.

i work 99% now for picture works (commercial / mapping / shorts)
i usually have to move things a lot due to change in the video editing.
but the same applies for a change in a song structure for exemple.

i am aware of the “automation follow event” function - i use it.

BUT it happens a lot that my automations are on groups tracks (grouping foley sound, groups for effects, group for sound-design (paralell processing…) >> so there is no event.

About moving multiple automation lanes
i already tried the following :

put all tracks and/or groups in a folder > activate group editing
any modifier key combination

Only workaround i have found is >

1/ place cursor before start of the “zone” that i want to move
2/ create a new point on each automation lane
(create point, select point, “move to cursor” // so i’m sure they are all at the same position)
3/ moving the cursor to new position (estimate position where to place the cursor so the moved automation will be where you want to move it)
for exemple if i created the points 1 bar before my automation begin, i will place my cursor 1 bar before the new automation position.
4/ hit “move to cursor”

Also by the way, to my knowledge, automation on group doesn’t move also when moving parent folder…
(i usually have 1 sequence in a folder with subfolders for music / foley / sound design / sequence specific reverb and fx …)
in this case i have to open the folder and all subfolders, show all automation used, select all with mouse and move…

I can’t believe something so obvious doesn’t exist in cubase ?

i hope i have missed something…

i have found…

use the “Range selection tool” to select, then move :wink:

In a way, this is usefull, i can use this to move for exemple half of a session forward or backwards if a scene has been edited longer or shorter.
if i selected multiple folders, it will move everything that is inside the folder - cool !


the command “Edit - Move to Cursor” doesn’t work… (i got this assigned on a key shortcut - extremely handy)
i have to move the selection with the mouse… which is quite unprecise and require multiple “moves” to get it right
(move, zoom in, move again, zoom in…)

I have looked in the user manual… seems like it :confused:

again - am i missing something ?

Maybe make a macro to cut your selection in the range, transport to cursor, and paste?