Moving projects from Logic to Cubase - how?

I have a few unfinished but fairly advanced Logic projects in an old mac that I’m selling, so I’m transferring the data to Cubase. The projects contain valuable MIDI information which I want to open in Cubase for further editing. There are also vocals in audio files. I am not familiar with the export file options and seek guidance.

The first track - I have exported a wav mixdown of the song. Just so I can remember what it sounds like / where I got to.
There is an option to “export selection as midi file”. I have dragged a box around the entire midi, across all 14 tracks, and exported the midi file. Will this put each track on a different track in cubase or bunch it all into one unuseable track?
Should I just take the long route and export each midi track separately?

Other Export options
I’ve googled the other export options but I can’t find any that offer midi and audio:

I’m particularly interested in the MIDI as I can do the vocals again. The MIDI took a long time to program.

Can anyone advise me on how to go about this?


For midi join regions by track and then select all and export as midi file. Try one in Cubase to check the results.
Fo Audio: Select the tracks and choose File/Export Tracks as audio files. Or if you are on Logic 10.5 just drag them to finder or to a folder.