Moving projects from one drive to another

I’ve just bought an ssd which is now my D drive
I have copied projects from the E drive to D drive.
When i open in Cubase i have missing audio files and other anomilies.
Is there a way to copy from one drive to another without this happening ?

Simply copy over all files.

I have, but when i open them in Cubase 9.5 there are some differences. Is This a Cubase bug ?

If files are missing maybe they aren’t where you think they are.

If you open the working project you can use backup project…select new folder and it will gather all files into the right place for the copy.

Or to pull all audio into your current project folder use prepare archive in the pool. And then copying the folder should work.

If there are files missing, then you have not, or you have changed the folder structure.
I can freely move projects form drive to drive, computer to computer, and version to version without getting mising files, so no it is not a Cubase bug.
Apart from that, doesn’t Cubase list the file location in that pop up? If not, it should be visible in the pool IIRC.
And what are the “differences” you are talking about?

Is your new ssd formatted exfat? And was your old drive ntfs? If so, a had a similar problem once. Format ssd as ntfs and copy files again. (You will obviously lose all data on ssd when reformatting.)

This may or may not be the problem though. Definitely make sure you use the " backup project " feature to ensure all your files are in one place…

Ok Thanks i’ll check the drives.

Change your new drives letter to the letter of the old drive.

Drives are NTFS and the latest is :
On another project folder that has been copied into the drive this one doesn’t load at all.
It gets half way loading the project and then freezes.
Is it because i’ve assigned the letter D to the ssd ?
I’ll try back up project.
I might say i’ve never had this before with previous versions of Cubase. I’ve just dragged project folders from one drive to another and loaded up and selected 1(new).

Was there a D drive in the system before?

Defintely try the backup route but it really shouldn’t be a problem, I moved Projects from computers and drives all the time. It does sound like something up with your system (again was there previously a D drive?).

D drive was originally for the CD/DVD player which is now drive F.
I was wondering if Cubase expects D to be the DVD player drive.
One problem with export project is there are imported folders in the project folder which don’t get exported.