Moving Score Editor Cursor

Is there any way of moving the Score Editor cursor other than by hitting [Alt+Shift] (on PC)?

Some have posted being able to move it by simply double-clicking on blank space within the score editor window – and I used to be able to do that in Cubase SX3 – but I haven’t been able to find any settings for it in Cubase 7.5.

Thanks, in advance, for any info you’d care to share.

The switch is at Prefs>Transport>Locate When Clicked in Empty Space.

Dear SteveInChicago: I can’t thank you enough! :smiley: I’d been looking in Preferences - Scores - Editing. . .

(Now, how do I officially give you a forum “thank-you”?)

You’re welcome! (And clicking on the Thumbs-Up graphic in the upper right of the message area will generate a thanks. :wink: