Moving slurs?

After entering a slur I see those two circles at the two extremes of the slur. I thought I read somewhere that I could select them and move the slur but I don’s succeed in doing that or is that only in the subscription version?

You can only move them to the next semantic location: that is, the next note at which they could actually attach. Keep dragging until it gets there, and it will snap.

This isn’t a “manual adjustment,” but actually changing the rhythmic location of the endpoints.

Thank you Dan! I could not find it in the documentation @Lillie_Harris

I consolidated topics in the manual for moving and lengthening/shortening into single, generic pages given that the key commands and mouse/touch-based interactions are fundamentally the same.

Here’s the topic for lengthening/shortening, which lists the key commands as well as “handles at the start/end”. There’s also a topic for moving items as well. Both of these are on the first page of results when you search the iPad manual for “moving slurs”.

Hi, of course I tried to find this but did not find it. Thanks anyway, fantastic work!

If there’s something concrete that you think I could add to the manual to improve this for others based on your experience, please say so.

I would say: move or slurs (expand?). Under inputting slurs I could not find it and that was where I expected it to be.

Great, thank you. I’ve made a note to add related links from the inputting task to those other tasks. There isn’t explanation of handles on that page because it’s specifically about inputting them, rather than subsequent ways you can modify them. There’s now an introductory topic about how we segment information in all Steinberg manuals. Hopefully, it should be the case that you find the relevant information based on the underlying intent (that is, what you ultimately want to achieve).

Happily it seems that “move slurs” already brings up the relevant results on the first page.

Great work and liked your Scoring Notes podcast