Moving Sound Library to My 2nd Internal Hard Drive

I installed Halion 4 and didn’t choose to put its sound library on my 2nd/Sounds drive.

I know where the library is on my primary (C:) drive, but what I don’t know is: Does Halion 4 prompt, upon opening, for a redirect to the knew location of the library?

  1. I was told that moving the Halion 4 library to another drive reduces the programs “efficiency.”

  2. I was also told that moving a soft-synth’s library to a 2nd drive allows a DAW to run with less burden.

And the correct answer is? Anyone? Bueller? :question:

I, too, would like an answer to your question. I’m thinking it may suit you to uninstall, and try reinstalling it to the 2nd drive when it prompts you in the installation process.

As of right now, I haven’t had any performance issues with H4 installed on my main drive, but I am sure I will cross that bridge once I need more space.