Moving Stem to the right of the note head

Hello and greetings to all and thanks for the wonderful help so far.
Situation is as it appears in the picture and I have read the article here but for whatever reason I can’t sort out this issue.
I’d like to either move the note head (A0) to the left of the stem or move the stem to the right of the note head - if possible.
Thanks very much in advanced.

This is a job for Force Centered Beam (not moving the stem). Edit > Notations > Stem > Force Centered Beam is only a menu command and does not appear as a property in the lower zone. Select the two notes and do this command. Then, with notes so close to the same pitch, of course you’ll need to adjust the stem lengths in engrave mode.

Because the beamed notes are both below the middle staff line, this is a job for Custom Centered Beam rather than Force Centered Beam.

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Thanks so much for your help Mark, Actually what John K Price have suggested did the trick for me.
Thanks so much again.

Great Job John - the “Custom Centered Beam” menu item actually did the trick where I choose Down for C1 and Up for A0, this immediately shove the A0 stem properly and a slight touch in engrave mode settled that C1 :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for your help.
Thanks so much for the both of you.
Cheers ~ Rami.