Moving tempo and time signature tracks

Cubase has always been a little annoying in that if you change a tempo, the audio files will get weird, despite not being in musical mode - it’s like Cubase is trying to time shift them, but not doing it well. Reason why I bring this up is with a current project it has graduated from a minor annoyance to a major problem.

The band wanted a pretty custom tempo/time signature map for one song, which isn’t a problem, but they wanted 4 counts inserted between the three main sections for ease of tracking. So, in the near future I’m going to have to remove those 2 bars of 4/4, and the problem is I don’t know a way to move the tempo, time signature tracks, audio and automation events simultaneously - which seems like what will be required to make it work.

Any help is appreciated!!

Apart from Musical mode, there is musical and linear timebase, which you might want to also learn, to understand what you Name as “timeshift-Problem”.
And for the main Question: “Process bars” should take are of all that.

Thank you!!

Actually this is audio, and the drummer is chronically ahead of the click by a few ms, so this won’t work. I guess I’ll just have to mix the parts separately then graft the mixes together.

Unless he is he is chronically ahead a gew bars, it should work just the same.

The portion that is ahead of the beat at the point I remove the measure will then fall at a different tempo setting - would probably be cut off or cause an artifact. It’s actually pretty cool though: I don’t mind having to render in 3 parts then put them together in another project file because it allows me to use a different setting for my Bricasti M7 for each part.