Moving Text changes The Notation

Very strange thing happens here…Moving text changes the notation…have a look at the video.
Moving (1.93 MB)

I think the text is not the problem.

I change the notation and it looks like that:
I close my file, re-open it and all of a sudden it looks like that:

It’s impossible to know for sure, without either seeing the file or reconstructing it from scratch, but I suspect this is to do with something in the Percussion Kit code. Under the hood, each percussion instrument in a kit has a stave of its own. The Percussion Kit stave on the screen pulls together the contents of all of the individual (hidden) percussion staves and automagically turns it into readable notation. My guess is that Dorico is recognising that nested tuplets are unnecessary here, and it’s then optimising the notation.

Thanx a lot Leo…honestly, if I kept on moving the text the notation went completely n*** and there even haven’t been tuplets anymore.
I think these are cases which happen to every 5000th user and to really solve them for the developers would take a lot of time which they’d better put in more important things.
Though I have the feeling that the percussion kit/map thing is not 100% under control yet.

Actually, wait a second - your video shows the opposite of what the screenshots show, doesn’t it? Or am I muddled? I’m wondering if it actually comes down to where the text is anchored - it might be there’s a mismatch between the tuplets in the notation and the rhythmic grid that the text is moving along.

Hey Leo,
I think you are right !!!
Wait a minute - and what does this mean? I could avoid this when changing the rhythmical grid? But anyhow I couldn’t change it to tuplets, no?

You can almost certainly avoid it by cutting the text, selecting the note you want to attach it to and pasting it, rather than using Alt+Arrow keys in Write mode.

Okidoki…got it…always astonished about your deep knowledge ! Thank you !!!

I’d be interested to see this particular project. If you could export just the drum kit player from the project in the appropriate flow, then reopen that exported project and cut it down to just a few bars including this one, and attach it here, I’d like to take a look to satisfy myself what’s actually happening.

The problem is: whenever I insert systembreaks or anything else to remove bars and keep my layout, the problem disappears. I could send you the whole score in a PM - then you guys could also have a look at the other problems (slashes and Endpoint Setup Dialogue) - I just don’t want to publish my whole score on the forum.
Let me know if this would be ok - cause I’d like to ask before I send you a PM from now on :wink: