Moving the HALion library to another drive

Could anyone provide me step-by-step instructions for moving the HALion library to a different drive? I currently have it on an external, but want to move it to the internal so that it’s always available to me.

IIRC you are permitted to download Dorico onto up to 3 computers. Assuming you have only downloaded the included Halion library once (or even twice), you should be able to download it onto your internal drive without worrying about moving it.

I have not needed to do this, but wouldn’t you use the Steinberg Library manager?

I haven’t had to do this either and my earlier response was undoubtedly less than a complete solution. That is, if Dorico now “expects” to find the Halion SE library on an external drive then, without more, downloading the samples onto the internal drive is only “half the battle”. You must also “instruct” Dorico where the samples are now located. I expect you are right about the role of Steinberg Library Manager in this context. Hopefully somebody with greater related experience than (apparently) either of us can point the OP in the right direction.

There is a Move button in the library manager.


Even easier and this still leaves the OP with only one copy downloaded for that computer.