Moving the Transport Bar to the Upper Zone in Cubase?

Hello folks,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to move the transport bar to the upper zone in Cubase? It’s always at the bottom by default, but for my workflow, I’d prefer it at the top.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Yes there’s an alternative transport section you can enable on the top tool bar.

Thanks for the suggestion, Phil. I believe you’re referring to the jog wheel “Set Up Toolbar” section at the top, correct? While it does offer some transport controls, it seems to lack certain elements I’m looking for, such as the BPM display, which is crucial for my workflow.

I was hoping for a way to relocate the entire transport bar, with all its functionalities, to the upper zone of Cubase for easier access. So far, the closest workaround I’ve found is using the F2 key to bring up the floating transport bar and then positioning it towards the top of the screen. However, this solution isn’t as seamless as having a dedicated transport section in the upper zone, especially since the floating bar doesn’t integrate into the interface and can obstruct the view of other elements.

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As phill says, just right click and check - transport controls

Thanks for the answer. But that does not display the bpm pannel in the higher section . That shows only the lower transport section.

Maybe it helps you to use the Transport Panel? This is a floating transport bar. Accessible e.g. as the first item in the Transport menu.

Ah I see - that bit is called “tempo and time signature” and you’re right it doesn’t seem possible to make it appear in the top of the window. Should have read your post properly!

Yes I did that. It can work

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Agree. Thanks anyway for answering.