moving things around using the alt-key

I feel like I haven’t understand the concept of moving things around in Dorico using the alt-key. When I move a dynamic (e.g. “f”) alt + arrow will move the dynamic to the next (or previous) note. If I add the cmd-key (Windows), everything will move according to the grid resolution. This also works for playing techniques. So far so good.
I always get puzzled, when I want to adjust e.g. hairpins or trill lines. Moving the whole thing works as expected: alt + arrow moves the whole thing to the next note. Adding the cmd-key moves everything along the grid resolution.
When I move the end of the hairpin or the trill line, I would expect the same behaviour: alt + shift should move the end of the line to the next/previous note and adding cmd should lenghten or shorten according to the grid resolution. But it is the other way round. I can’t understand the logic behind this.
Perhaps this is another problem of the German keyboard layout?

I know, that alt + shift also move the end of e.g. a rit. line according to the grid resoution, but ont the other hand, text and tempo can only be move along the grid resolution. So perhaps it would be clearer, to change erverything around: alt + arrow moves ALWAYS along the grid and adding cmd moves to the next (previous) note. A simple system, which works for every movement in the same way, would save (at least my) brain capacity.

+1 for that!
I’ve been puzzled by this a couple of times too and always thought it was just my laziness in not learning those commands properly. Glad to hear it’s not just me.

For what it’s worth the idea is that moving with Alt+arrow keys in Write mode will do the same thing that dragging the item with the mouse will do, where possible, and that varies on an item type by item type basis because the rules for how different items attach to rhythmic positions vary, and that adding Ctrl/Command then moves the item by the rhythmic grid.

O.k., but than I don’t understand, why moving the end of a trill line or a hairpin will move along the grid with cmd and adding cmd moves to the next (previous) note. Dragging the end of a hairpin with the mouse also moves to the next (previous) note.