moving third party vsts from cubase 5 vsts to cubase 6?

Hey guys,

is it possible to move just the dll files from c5 into the c6 vst folder, instead of reinstalling all the 3rd party vsts into v6 again? or do i have to reinstall them into v6 for them to work?


Are’nt your third party VSTs in a folder (C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTplugins) outside of Cubase 5?
If so, Cubase 6 should see your plugs automatically and if not, go to Plugin Information in C6 and run Update there.



Yep, no need to reinstall your plugins.
Just point C6 to the folder where your plugins are installed.

thanks for the replies. but no, like an idiot, i installed them into a folder in the 5 folder!

so i can either leave cubase 5 installed and point 6 to that folder or if i delete 5, then i must reinstall.


Nope. Normally, if you uninstall C5 (why would you?), you only uninstall C5 and the C5 plugins.
Not third party plugins…


You could move your plugins folder from C5 to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\ reboot, point C6 to it, this may not work for all your plugs but might save you some time.

Good luck,


thanks for the replies, you right, ill leave c5 in. where do i go to point c6 to the c5 vst folder?

devices/plug-in information.