Moving to a new multi computer setup

Hi everyone!
…and thanks already for your attention and help.

I am moving from one PC to a system with 2 PCs + server.

The new “master” PC won’t be the one I am currently using (it will become the second one) so I have to move Cubase to the new master.
How to do that?
Do I have to copy everything from disc to disc? Or should I download Cubase from the website once the eLicenser is plugged to the new PC?

Also, since I’m planning to use 3 PCs (well, 2 computer + 1 server actually) do I need more than one license? And/or more than one dongle?
I will use Vienna Ensamble to manage all computers.

Same procedure for moving other libraries? Such as EastWest, Kontakt etc.

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You will need a separate license for it.

Thank you!

For the Cubase license you just need to insert the dongle and install Cubase on the new computer. For settings you might want to save this directory keeps it:

Thank you!

If Cubase will run on only one machine you will not need additional licenses, just moving the one you already got like Nickeldome mentioned.

Downloading Cubase ex novo Cubase from Steinberg website, right?