moving to another Pc

Hi Everyone :smiley:

Just getting used to my refurbished PC,and was wondering if I can ask you something regarding my libraries etc

Ok,so this machine has a 120GB SSD main drive for the OS (Windows 10 Pro) then a HDD 500GB drive,
I have an external 1TB HDD drive housing my large collection of sample libraries. So should I put my Cubase Pro 10 onto the HDD second drive? And leave the libraries where they are,on the external drive,as there is a large collection on there

Not done anything like this before

Appreciate any help

I would prefer to install Cubase 10 Pro on the SSD and then keep your libraries where they are. Not very much space (120GB) but it might be enough if you don’t install much more additional software on it?

Hi Bud
Thanks for your reply

Was thinking of swapping over to an SSD drive at some time,money permitting,But use the HDD drive for Cubase, as a stop gap.Since I already have another Daw on there,
Use the smaller 120 SSD only for the Operating system

And I agree keep the libraries in my external drive,but was wondering if I should tidy them into one folder,and direct say Kontakt to that?Or leave them be?
Sorry for the questions,its all very new to me,this swapping stuff :smiley:

As long as you can find your way and know what’s where it’s OK. Personally I want my Kontakt libraries in it’s own directory because it’s a different breed of library than others? So I do it like this:

X:\Kontakt[library name] (All kontakt libaries in there)
X:\Program Files[program name] (All other ‘extensive’ sample data related to programs installed on c:;. Like BFD3 or Omnisphere 2)
X:\Samples[name] (Sample packs, various names)

You can make more root and sub directories if you want but this way you get a clear overview of what should be where.

Hi Nickeldome :smiley:
Thanks,a lot,thats really helpful
At the minute,I have simply copied over,to my external drive,for now.Hope to get some organising down,when I get time off work.And sort out some rubbish from there too,heh,heh

:slight_smile: you’re welcome!