Moving transport by beat or bar

Hello All: Does anyone know how to move the transport by beat or bar, versus time? I tried the quantizing settings already. Using the Pro Tools transport preset (avail. on the Edit Key Commands page). At one point I was able to do this, by hitting the 1 and 2 keys on the Num pad, and advancing that way. Thanks.

You may want to check into Key Commands > Transport.

There are quite a few different options including moving by bar.

These can also be invoked via midi remote control.

I have it setup so that my arrow keys on the keyboard go back and forward a bar. It is excellent for fast workflow!

Thanks all. Will try.

I don’t see anything about moving by bar in Transport. Using Cubase 12. I’d sure like to get this working. Also don’t see Step back 1 bar or Step 1 bar commands that others have mentioned.

It shows for me in Cubase 12 Pro on Win10:

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Thanks for the reply. This is nudge, though, which is to nudge audio clips, not move the transport back or forward.

These commands are in the Transport section, and indeed are for nudging the playback cursor.

That’s great. I’m migrating from Pro Tools and the same terms are used differently I guess. Thanks.