Moving up and down the project window

Hi maybe a silly question.
I have Cubase Pro 11 and i would like to know how to move up and down the project window without using the bar at the right hand side which you move up and down with the mouse.
I also dont want to use the scroll wheel on the mouse.
Say i have 100 tracks in a project i would like to know how to go up and down the screen as quickly as possible, many thanks.

I’m not able to look at the moment but if you don’t want to use the mouse wheel (I find it works well) check out key commands as you can either use what is in there or assign your own key combinations.

Assuming you are on a PC try the Page Up, Page Down, Home & End keys.

For Mac I have no idea…


What’s the reason you don’t want to use the mouse wheel? I think that’s what most people use since it’s the easiest quickest way to get up and down the track list.

Up/Down arrow keys will move through the tracks.

I will ,cant remember if i have already tried this

I find it slows down the work flow especially when i have lots of tracks and i see guys like Dom Sigalas and Chris Selim going up and down screen far too fast to be using a mouse

Yeah the up and down arrows move through the tracks , i think that is maybe as good as its going to get,if i find a better way i will let you guys know,many thanks for your input

Some mice let you set how fast/‘number of lines’ the mouse scrolls with each notch. This can allow you to scroll through a large project very quickly. If I remember correctly, Dom uses a pretty fancy track-ball mouse, which probably has a setting like that.

  • The Home key takes you to the very top
  • The End key takes you to the very bottom
  • The Page Down key takes you down a full screen
  • The Page Up key takes you up a full screen

Ah fantastic thank you very much !!

Yeah i will buy a quality mouse,it must be correct i was watching greg ondo and thats how he does it, yeah Dom uses a thing called a Kensington Fire Blade , very good buy the looks of it, many thanks