MOXF8 & Cubasis


While I am able to connect my MOXF8 to my iPad and Cubasis, I am interested in knowing how to use Cubasis to assign MOXF instruments to tracks and then use Cubasis to trigger the MOXF8.

I would appreciate any insight as I am getting increasingly frustrated.



Hi Jason,

A while ago we’ve received a somewhat similar topic:

Please let me know if this information is helpful in answering your question.


Circling back here…I have been on hold with the MOXF, but now I’m back.

I still don’t understand how to do this. Some of the links mentioned do not exist any longer.

Thanks for your help!

Hi J_House,

Thanks for your message and welcome back!

In regards to the topic, I suggest to either get in touch with Yamaha and/or the user, who successfully uses the Yamaha device with Cubasis.

Alongside, we would be very glad to see your results shared with the community here!

Hope that makes sense and helps.

Best wishes,