Mozart not only composed symphonies, he also wrote operas!

A simple horizontal, text editor called LYRIC TRACK. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before in any DAW!

A Lyric Track placed directly below an existing Chord Track would be invaluable!

More tracks could be used If you’re considering completely different lyrical content ideas or harmony counterparts.

Just create a midi track below the Lyric Track to document the melody line and mute it before you or a singer sings it.

And just as Chord Track does, Lyric Track would also fallow the playhead as expected.

Phrases could then be selected, and a pointer placed to an exact syllable to line the phrase to any given chord or beat.

Editable! (you don’t know how good your lyrics are until you think of a better line. That’s why the Beatles used erasers)

If you’re like me, I usually write 3X more lyrics per song then I end up using. No problem. Enter- multiple versions.

Nice one!

IIRC Cakewalk Pro 8 had something VERY similar onboard.

This was back in the day before i had a two screen setup but i remember thinking at the time it would have been handy to be able to use another screen in the vocal booth karaoke style… it still would actually!


I have made same FR years ago.
It would be a nice tool also from a producers perspective, simply to navigate a song faster.
If it could integrate with a TelePrompTer app, for the vocal booth even better.

The addition of Chord Track alone was enough for me to dis my old DAW and purchase the full version of Cubase. Not to mention all the other great things it’s bundled with…

In the 90s, there was a transitional period between tabletop hardware sequencers and the modern DAW, so when my faithful Yamaha QY20 finally took a dump, I migrated to native DAWs and immediately asked, “where’s the Chord Track?”

Finally after almost 20 years, Cubase introduced it in v.7 (probably because of their Yamaha merger) and I was all over it.

Chord Track, …just as it did in the QY20, is a no brainer for anyone composing on a guitar and want to add actual keyboard voicings to go with their existing guitar chords on virtual piano and keyboard tracks.

It also exposes how some guitar chord choices don’t alway sound that great after the keyboard player shows up and plays the same chord on piano and it instantly begs for a better chord choice. I’ve never NOT been in a band with a keyboard player, so I’ve defiantly always needed Chord Track to make sure my chord choices were universal.

Chord Track simply brought more composers to the Cubase platform.

Lyric Track would simply bring more Singer/Songwriters as well and make for a better paperless society.