MP Midi Controller with Wavelab

Hi everyone!
Has anyone used the MP Midi Controller with Wavelab? I get it to work great with Cubase, but not with Wavelab.
Every time I try to load the AG-MPH plugin or the MP Host plugin, it says “not connected” and then Wavelab freezes.


Have you set up everything in the Midi Control dialog ?

regards S-EH

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Hi, and thanks for the reply.
No, because this use Audiogridder and they say “Disable the MIDI IN/OUT for the C1-xMP1 in your DAW”. It’s not behaving like a regular midi controller.

Hello again, it may look like I’ve solved the problem after endless tests. For those of you who are familiar with the MP Midi Controller, I can’t get the AG-MPH (which offloads the DSP) to work in Wavelab, but now I’ve got the MP Host plugin single and multiple to work by doing the opposite of what`s in the manual. Instead of disabling the midi controller, as it says in the manual, I enabled it. And then it seems to work :slight_smile: